GAME OF THRONES’ “The Bells” Told as a Medieval Painting

We might never fully recover from Daenerys Targaryen’s decision to destroy King’s Landing in Game of Thrones‘ penultimate episode, “The Bells.” She had already taken the city and Westeros, but in her moment of ultimate glory she decided to become the very thing she had always promised not to – a monster. To paraphrase Pulp Fiction‘s Marcellus Wallace, she went “medieval” on the capital’s as. So it’s only fitting a show full of swords, knights, castles, and peasants suffering at the hands of their high lords and ladies has now received it’s very own painting of that infamous moment done in traditional Medieval style.

[SPOILERS]Spent the last couple of months painting this medieval style manuscript. Enjoy! from r/gameofthrones

This portrait (which we first came across at Winter is Coming) that looks like it came right out of the Middle Ages was made by Reddit User u/bchris17, who said he “spent the last couple of months painting” it. If not for the lady atop a dragon flipping off those below her, as well the hilarious text at the bottom (which includes an amazing reference to an old internet meme), this could pass for an actual Medieval manuscript.

We love it though for all of the great references to the episode itself. The Clegane Bowl, with “excuse me, pardon me” Cersei sneaking by, dominates the center of the image, as King’s Landing burns around their epic battle. At the brothers’ feet lies Qyburn, whose smashed brain sits next to him on the stairs. Below Lannister soldiers are consumed by the flames, while Grey Worm stabs one for good measure.

The highlight of the whole painting though are the Northern forces in the lower right hand corner. The faces of Jon Snow, Davos Seaworth, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and the rest are comedy gold. Not only do their expressions perfectly capture the sadness and confusion of the characters in the moment, they represent how we felt watching the episode.

We still can’t believe Daenerys went medieval on the whole city.

Featured Image: HBO

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