GAME OF THRONES’ 33-Player Tabletop Game Is Massive, Intricate, and Free

A new fan-made tabletop might be the most authentic Game of Thronesinspired board game yet. Just like the show, the game involves a massive amount of characters, which is thrilling even if the idea of getting 33 people together for a session might be as difficult as stopping a dragon.

Defy Danger’s Aegon’s Conquest, which we learned about at io9, is based on Aegon Targaryen’s invasion of Westeros three hundred years before the events of the series (though you don’t need to know the actual history to play it).

The game comprises eight teams—representing the Targaryens and the seven other houses that ruled Westeros when Aegon landed—made up of four players on each team: a Lord, an Heir, a Knight, and a Measter. The 33rd spot is filled by someone playing as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, as there’s strategic value for players to join the sacred order. While gameplay involves strategy, diplomacy, and treachery, the point is simple: to rule the Realm.

GAME OF THRONES’ 33-Player Tabletop Game Is Massive, Intricate, and Free_1
“The goal of the game is to claim the Iron Throne of Westeros by having the most Power at the end of the game. Power is gained by conquering neighboring lands, sieging enemy castles, uncovering ancient relics, and forging strong alliances. Power is lost when a House betrays another by revealing one of their secrets.”

Betrayal? Invasion? And a whole lot of people? If we could somehow get an actual ice demon to come to a session it would basically be Westeros. Even better: because the game is not affiliated with the show or HBO in anyway, it is entirely free for fans to download at DriveThrueRPG.

And as though a game of this magnitude wasn’t already authentic enough, it comes with a comprehensive 117-page game manual, which is fitting for anyone who has read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Which Noble House would you most want to play as? Tell us in the comments below which family you’d want to claim the Iron Throne for.

Images: Defy Danger

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