Should HBO Delay the GAME OF THRONES Spin-Off Until After the Show Ends?

The Game of Thrones prequel could start filming this fall, and it might not be as set as far back in the past as we thought.

On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we discussed if this spin-off is happening too soon (in more ways than one), as well as Avengers: Infinity War‘s home release, the latest casting news for Star Wars, Spawn, and Spider-Man, and we also bid adieu to IHOB. Dan Casey was in the big chair today, and he was joined by Bizarre States‘ Andrew Bowser, producer Jesse Gill, and Nerdist editor Kyle Anderson, and after they digested IHOP’s return to its normal name, they dug into the announced Infinity War home release. Are we going to get our own copy by snapping up a digital copy, or wait two extra weeks for the Blu-ray? What are we hoping to see from the extras? More humor? More Thanos? Or are we not that excited because we have reached Infinity War overload at this point?

There’s also been a lot of big casting news recently, including that Bill Dee Williams will return to play Lando Calrissian in Episode IX. How excited are we about this? Should it have happened sooner? What do we make of Jeremy Renner joining the new Spawn as Twitch? And who do we hope J.B. Smoove plays in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Finally, a report say HBO will begin shooting its Game of Thrones prequel this fall in Belfast. Is this too soon considering the show’s final season doesn’t air until next year? Should HBO take more time before releasing a spin-off, or are they right to try and capitalize on their mega hit? Speaking of time, the same report also says the show will only be set 1,000 years earlier, which is much, much earlier than we have been told. Is this report wrong? Could they really compress Westerosi history that much, or is it actually that everything we think we know about the past of the Seven Kingdoms is wrong?

Should HBO Delay the GAME OF THRONES Spin-Off Until After the Show Ends?_2

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