Proof Sansa is GAME OF THRONES’ Queen of Comebacks

Game of Thronesseason eight premiere, “Winterfell,” had more shade than a lamp store. It featured so much glaring, you needed sunglasses. Yes, those might be the two cheesiest lines ever. You know who has never been at a loss for a witty quip? Sansa of House Stark. She might be better than anyone in the Seven Kingdoms at clapping back at friends and foes alike.

She has always been the “Queen of Comebacks,” as this montage of her most devastating one-liners, retorts, and sharp-tongues insults from Twitter user @sansastcrk proves.

The final season of Game of Thrones kicked off with a whole lot of side-eying, as skeptical Northerners were wary of their new southern dragon queen. Her followers were uneasy in a new land. Nowhere was that intense mistrust more felt than between two of the Realms most powerful women, Sansa and Daenerys. But we shouldn’t be surprised Sansa stood her ground, because she’s been doing it long before she became the unflinching Lady of Winterfell we know now.

We will always love Sansa’s incredible line to Tyrion before “Blackwater” about praying for him the same we she was praying for Joffrey, but her total annihilation of Littlefinger in season seven, when she shut him down with “I’ll assume it was something clever” might be the single best burn in the history of the show. (Well, metaphorical burn. We really enjoyed when Drogon burned the slavers’ ships during the Battle of Meereen.)

As we saw in the season premiere though Daenerys is no slouch herself when it comes to throwing that Targaryen shade. Her line about how dragons eat whatever they want was a mic drop moment. But we know Sansa will bounce back.

Their back and forth is maybe the best reason not to root for the living to come together. It’s not as much fun to insult the Night King when he doesn’t talk back.

Featured Image: HBO

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