The Night King Returns in Musical Parody About Arya Killing Him

We did not see the defeat of the White Walkers coming. Neither did they. After thousands of years of patiently regrouping for their return battle with the living, a silent killer slipped past them and filled their leader’s belly with a serving of Valyrian steel at the last moment. Now after his shocking demise the Night King has returned, but not to Westeros. He went to the studio, where he put down his ice sword and picked up an axe, to record “(Arya) I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight,” the hit new remake sweeping the Seven Kingdoms.

This absolutely absurd, absolutely hysterical parody of the classic Cutting Crew song “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” comes from the YouTube channel The Merkins. Featuring the Night King (Ryan Stimas) on lead vocals and guitar, with a band of wildlings to help him bring the heat, this is a tale of an ice demon and the woman who ended his reign of terror.

Is there any just cause
For ending like this
What’s the purpose
Wasn’t on her list

We might have to hire an actual Italian chef to give a real kiss to the brilliance of these lyrics. Also, seeing the Night King in sunglasses should not be nearly this funny, and yet it’s killing us like a dragonglass dagger.

This isn’t The Merkins’ first Game of Thrones musical parody of the White Walkers either. Before season eight, when the blue-eyed demons were still the biggest threat to Westeros, the entire icy clan got their own parody, “Seven Kingdom Army.”

Well, apparently watching a White Walker play an instrument is the funniest freaking thing in the whole world because these are so wonderfully stupid and hilarious and we hope they make them forever.

They’re also a much better use of the White Walkers than what the show gave us, though if anyone but Arya had killed the Night King that night we wouldn’t have this parody.

Featured Image: The Merkins

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