GAME OF THRONES Makeup Brushes Are Here to Change Your Face

Joining the ranks of the Faceless Men is way more complex than using a set of fancy makeup brushes, but the fancy makeup brushes don’t hurt, right? You can put the idea to the test, because The Catch 96 has a set of limited edition Game of Thrones makeup brushes perfectly suited for makeovers from the subtle to the extreme. Put your eyeballs upon these stunners:

The set includes eight brushes to use all over your face, and even though I only know how to use maybe three of these brushes because applying makeup is like a mystical art to me, I’m all in. The handles come in plated metal finishes of rose gold, silver, bronze, or copper and pay homage to the Great Houses of Westeros with their sigils and house words. There’s even a nod to the Hand of the King.

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Any makeup you apply with say, a three-headed dragon, is automatically amazing. It is known.

The sculpts of the house sigils and the handles are so detailed that these brushes are also suitable for decor. It’s not the best idea to store your brushes bristle down, but you could lay them flat in a tray or box on your vanity. They are too damn pretty to be kept in a makeup bag.

If you need to add these regal AF brushes to your collection, hop on over to The Catch 96 and add them to your cart. The sets are currently half off, so don’t delay. You can browse Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes while you’re there.

Did you order the Game of Thrones brushes? Are you planning to pit them against each other in a battle for the Iron Throne? Let us know in the comments.

Images: The Catch 96

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