Write Like a Ruler with GAME OF THRONES Iron Throne Pens

When you sit down with your scrolls and parchment to catch up on correspondences, you may as well do it in style. Don’t send your raven flying into the sky with a note written with a boring, generic pen. Nah, why do that when you could use a fancy as Seven Hells limited edition Iron Throne pen? Whether you’re sending invitations, issuing proclamations, or making a grocery list, wielding a Game of Thrones pen makes it better. Heck, if you still write checks to pay your bills, the Iron Throne pen would make even that task more fun.

The Iron Throne pen is from Montegrappa. They’ve previously partnered with HBO to craft fine writing instruments inspired by the great houses of Westeros, but now they’re focusing their attention on the most important seat in all the realm. The sterling silver Iron Throne pens come with either a rollerball pen or fountain pen tip, and each edition is limited to 300 pieces. If you want to get extra royal, each pen has a small number of editions cast in solid 18 karat gold.

As you can see, the cap is adorned with overlapping swords designed by Montegrappa’s artisans. They’ve included seven swords to represent the number of kingdoms in Westeros; one of the swords is the pen’s pocket clip. The intricate art continues down the barrel of the pen; it features symbols that represent house sigils, including a dragon, a stag, a squid, and more.

You can take your Lannister gold to Montegrappa’s site to purchase a luxury Iron Throne pen for about $4,500. Head to the comments and let us know if this is going on your wish list.

Images: Montegrappa

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