The Internet’s Best Reactions to GAME OF THRONES’ Most Shocking Episode Ever

This post contains some of the best reactions we found to Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode  “Beyond the Wall,” but that also means it contains spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to see them until you do, either go check it out On Demand or hide at the bottom of a frozen lake.:breathing into a paper bag:No, we are not okay. Are you? Of course not, how could anyone be after what we saw on Sunday night? That wasn’t supposed to happen. Dragons were supposed to save the living, not get recruited into the army of the dead. Now what?’re not sure if we’re ever going to recover, let alone have any idea how to write about any of this. Fortunately while we were having nightmarish visions of a dragon-killing ice javelin soaring at our hearts, all of you came through for us — again — with hilarious jokes and memes to help us during this difficult time. So here are the best reactions to arguably the all time most shocking Game of Thrones ever.WE ARE STARTING OFF STRONG. know this next one is from our own Dan Casey, but c’mon, how could we leave it out? guys. Those really helped, even if this is what we still look like right now. are the best reactions you saw? Share them with us in the comments below so we can continue to heal together.And we’ll see you next week, like:

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