GAME OF THRONES’ Emilia Clarke Got a Triple Dragon Tattoo

While actress Emilia Clarke’s days as Daenerys Targaryen will soon be behind her, she will forever carry the title of Mother of Dragons—as well as her children—with her. Literally. It turns out, the Game of Thrones star got a triple dragon tattoo to commemorate her most famous role. Clarke shared a picture of her new tattoo on her Instagram account, a small, all-black piece on her wrist featuring three dragons in flight. Her reason for getting it is just as good as the actual design (whose simplicity we really love), because she said she wanted to make “sure this mamma ain’t NEVER forgetting her babies.”

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Rather than getting a copycat tattoo we want to see someone get “MOD 4 LYFE” done.

We also love how an actress who played a character with so many titles (Khaleesi, Stormborn, Breaker of Chains, The Unburnt) seems to love being the “Mother of Dragons” so much she refers to herself that way. We hope she’s still doing it when she’s 90. How cool would it be for some young kid to introduce his friends to his cool grandmother with the tattoo, only for her to say, “Please, don’t call me Nana Emilia. I’m the Mother of Dragons.”

What other tattoos should cast members of the show get? Ink our comments section below with your best ideas.

Featured Image: HBO

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