Realm Round-Up: The Biggest GAME OF THRONES Stories from “Eastwatch”

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for season seven of Game of Thrones. Stop and catch a dragon out of here if you’re not caught up to “Eastwatch.”

Where do we start with “Eastwatch?” Last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones had us reeling. You think that Bran “Three-Eyed Raven” Stark seeing the army of the dead danger heading towards Eastwatch was the biggest news? Nope. Between Jon getting all cozy and confident with Drogon, Davos heading into King’s Landing and retrieving Gendry, Jorah returning, and oh yeah, Gilly casually dropping some huge news about the rightful Targaryen heir, there was a little bit to dissect. And dissect we did.Before the next installment of Thrones is upon us, carve out some time to catch up on all the latest and biggest stories tied to “Eastwatch.” Theories, behind-the-scenes videos, history–Realm Round-Up has it all. Let’s dive in.

First Things First. We can’t go deep into an episode without remembering the details first. So, your starting point is reviewing and absorbing Alicia’s recap of “Eastwatch.” You get bonus points if you take notes.

Say What, Gilly? Gilly dropped a massive reveal in “Eastwatch,” and Sam was so preoccupied with being mad at the Maesters at the Citadel that he didn’t even notice. She read a passage about Prince Rhaegar having his marriage annulled in Dorne and then getting hitched again. That means Jon Snow isn’t a bastard but a legal, official, true Targaryen. Yeah. Our jaws are on the floor, too, and Michael Walsh covers why it’s a big deal in this article.

Rowing and Rowing. Who’s the MVP of “Eastwatch?” Ser Davos Seaworth. He wins for his quips, his smuggling know-how, and for a few other reasons which you can read about right this way.

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Bastard No More. Look, the Jon Snow development is dragon-sized, so our analysis is going to match it. Jessica Chobot discussed the repercussions of Jon’s changed status in Nerdist News.

The Peanut Gallery. One of the most fun parts of watching Game of Thrones is watching how the internet reacts to the insane shit that goes down in the HBO series. We’ve rounded up some notable and amusing highlights, including the above tweet, here.

In the Details. Ready to break down “Eastwatch” in video form? Oh hey, we have an All Things Considered for that. Watch the lively discussion above.

Dragon Moment. You know when Jon stood before a dragon, smelled its sure to be awful breath, and didn’t back down? His ability to reach out and connect with Drogon is reminiscent of when Tyrion was able to do the same thing. That could be a clue about a long held fan theory about Tyrion. Michael breaks it down here.

Not Those Kind of Flames. When Jon showed confidence and bravery with Drogon, Dany noticed. Emilia Clarke hinted at the romantic feelings Daenerys has towards Jon in a behind-the-scenes video.

Meme Time. The team is assembled and heading out of Eastwatch into terrifying territory. When you look at the group of seven men led by Jon Snow, it’s hard not to think of the Avengers or The Magnificent Seven. Because the internet is awesome, they made memes featuring the squad (#squadgoals), and we’ve collected some of the best.

Now, let’s look ahead to the penultimate episode of season seven of Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall.”

Ice, Ice Baby. Jon, Davos, and his team are heading beyond the Wall on a dangerous mission, and it looks cold. Very cold. See photos from the upcoming episode with some commentary from Michael.

Chances of Survival. Speaking of that dangerous mission, what do you think the odds are of all seven team members making it out alive? It’s Game of Thrones, so let’s say none. Michael put together a ranking of who’s most likely to live to fight another White Walker.

Zombie vs. Zombie. We know Gregor Clegane is alive(ish) and kicking in King’s Landing. The possibility for the Cleganebowl hasn’t died. With the Hound heading into a potentially deadly battle, the match between the brothers could happen in a morbid way. Read about the possibility of a Zombie Cleganebowl.

Warging to the Rescue. When the Bold and Brave Seven find themselves in trouble past the Wall, which is sure to happen because there are a lot of White Walkers, it might open the door for Bran to get involved with his special abilities. We have a theory.

Are any questions or thoughts from “Eastwatch” still rattling around in your head? Head to the comments and get it all out.

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Images: HBO, Tumblr/ Khaleese

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