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Decorate Your Easter Eggs with GAME OF THRONES Character Printouts

They might not celebrate Easter in the Seven Kingdoms, but you can decorate your eggs as denizens of the Realm this year, thanks to these adorable Game of Thrones character printouts.

“What is dead may never dye.”

That might not be exactly what Iron Islanders mean, but it’s apropos for these delightful Game of Thrones sheets we came came across at Media artist Amanda Anez has designed a series of free character illustrations you can use to spruce up your Easter eggs for this year’s holiday, which is when the final season’s second episode will air. (Fitting for a show where the dead are always being resurrected.) All you have to do is print out the individual character sheets on either print cardstock or regular printer paper and attach them to your dyed eggs.

In addition to Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Rhaegal, Drogon, The Hound, and the Lannister siblings, Jaime (with his golden hand), Tyrion, and Cersei, she also made ones for the Stark sisters, Arya and Sansa.

This is what the actual printouts look like with instructions. They require double-sided tape, an Xacto knife or scissors (maybe use a Valyrian steel pair?), and the patience to cut each piece carefully.

Of course, you can’t celebrate the show’s final season without the leader of the White Walkers. There are also character egg sheets for the Night King and his un-dead dragon, Viserion.

Are these the best egg decorations we’ve ever seen? It’s hard to say yes, but yes obviously. The fact that they are available for free is even more remarkable. (You can download all 12 characters sheets here.)

Decorating eggs at Easter is usually done by children, but that shouldn’t stop people of all ages who love the show from making these Game of Thrones eggs.

Remember: “valar morghulis.”

Images: Anez

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