GAME OF THRONES Dragon Sculpture Made of Matchsticks Goes Full Dracarys

As every Game of Thrones fan knows, “dracarys” in High Valyrian mean “dragonfire,” or in plain English “hey Drogon, how about you tear it all up for Mama?”  Regardless of what you might think of recent developments in Westeros on this season of Game of Thrones, one thing is usually true; it is always fun to watch those dragons unleash hell like Medieval nuclear warheads. As a tribute to Dany’s Dragons (or, I suppose just “Dragon” singular now), a YouTuber by the name of Mosko has created a dragon almost entirely out of matchsticks. And yes, it goes full Dracarys on us. You can watch the video down below.

The time lapse video shows everything that went into making the rather large facsimile dragon, and although Mosko made it from common household items, it was clearly very time consuming. In fact, the entire thing took over 150 hours to make. But without a doubt, the final result is truly a thing of beauty. And while part of me wishes that its creator had just let it be and just kept it for display, it is really cool to see it breathe fire. The matchstick sculpture’s creator even laments the fact that he has to burn his baby, and you can see him get kind of emotional about it in the video. But as Jaime Lannister once said “the things we do for love.” Or in this case, the love for one’s subscribers.

Despite being essentially a how-to video on how to make your own Game of Thrones style dragon from matchsticks, Mosko warns his fans that this is not something you’d want to try at home.  If one doesn’t know what they’re doing, it could lead to disaster. Not everyone is cut out to be the mother (or father) of dragons after all. Just ask Daenerys Targaryen. Too soon?

Images: Mosko / HBO

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