The Most Elegant GAME OF THRONES Photo Shoot

When you have a group of talented artists who work in the wedding and fashion industries, themed photo shoots can be extravagant and beautiful endeavors. Case in point, this Game of Thrones styled shoot by a group who gets together to produce a snazzy set of photos every year. Paris Mountain Photography shared the images with Nerdist and said, “Game of Thrones is on our minds lately we decided to take the challenge to put together this GOT inspiration shoot! We wanted it to be different so we decided since we are all working women in the industry that it would be an edgy idea to make it an all girl shoot.”

Though she noted the gorgeous malamute in the photos is a boy.

Rather than trying to create exact replicas of Game of Thrones costumes and locations, the shoot evokes different female characters and a medieval mood. The styling for the models brings Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark to mind. The costumes, especially the elegant red and blue gown, all look like they could be plucked from the wardrobe department on the HBO series.

Every aspect of this shoot, from the make-up, to the lighting, to the settings, is on point and utterly magical. Scroll to the gallery below to see more images.

Credits for the full Dream Team:

Images: Paris Mountain Photography

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