GAME OF THRONES Cast Answers Questions on the “Game of Phones” Hotline

Having trouble keeping track of every Game of Thrones character and what they’ve done? Confused over who killed which king? Not sure which character was the one who had his personal Valyrian steel sword chopped off? Or do you just need access to somebody’s HBO Go so you can watch the final season of the show? Don’t despair, for you can have all of your pressing questions about the Seven Kingdoms answered by the cast themselves, with the new “Game of Phones” hotline.

This week, Jimmy Kimmel Live introduced its very own maester-like helpline, where the real cast members from Game of Thrones take your calls on all things related to the show. Series insiders like Sophie Turner, John Bradley, Lena Headey, Kristian Nairn, Joe Dempsie, Maisie Williams, Iwan Rheon, and Liam Cunningham are sitting by waiting for your call, but we’re not sure how seriously they are taking it, since HBO slipped this obligation into their contracts.

Yes, please mow George R.R. Martin’s lawn so he can focus on writing.

Obviously though Joffrey was not killed by a clam. :pushes up glasses: He was killed by Olenna Tyrell with a poison she was given by Littlefinger. And Sansa knows that because it was her jewelry Olenna got the poison from. But please don’t tell Sophie Turner I corrected her; I’d prefer not to have her screen husband Iwan Rheon hounding me over this hotline.

We do have some questions we’d like answered, so we wish this call center really did exist. Here’s what we’d ask:

1) Do they have bananas in Westeros?
2) How bad does it smell in the Seven Kingdoms? Why aren’t people constantly covering their nose or commenting on the stench?
3) Do they think it’s weird lots of people wanted to see Daenerys hook up with her nephew?
4) What exactly did Podrick do at that brothel?

What? We’re going to find out who wins the Iron Throne eventually, but those are mysteries that might never get answered.

Featured Image: ABC

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