The GAME OF THRONES Cast Plays Would You Rather

The final season of Game of Thrones is inching closer every day. While the wait might be slowly killing us like a pernicious case of greyscale, the cast hasn’t left us completely out in the cold. Sure, we still don’t know who is going to wind up on the Iron Throne, but several cast members did come together to bring us this delightful video of them playing a tough game of Would You Rather. Entertainment Weekly got to sit down with the cast on the Game of Thrones set and began asking the cast to pick between some pretty intense situations that you could only find yourself in if you were visiting the Seven Kingdoms. From who you’d rather kiss, to dragons versus direwolves, to which ghosts you’d rather chill with for a night, this game asks the tough questions of the cast.

Okay, so maybe this video didn’t make the wait for the final season any easier. In fact, it kind of only got us even more excited for the final season to premiere, but this video is still an utter delight. Plus these are some great questions that you can ask your own friends for a Game of Thrones premiere party.We definitely agree with most of the cast that even though we’d love our own direwolf, getting the chance to take one ride on a dragon is too magical an experience to pass up. However, we’re going to be weighing the pros and cons of partying with the Dothraki versus partying with the Wildlings for quite some time now. Both groups seem like they’d throw some pretty amazing parties, but they’d both be unique enough that missing out on either feels like a huge bummer. It makes braving the heat of the desert or the intense cold beyond the Wall seem totally worth it, right?And while this game of Would You Rather will have us mulling over our own choices for quite some time now, it’s definitely getting us pumped to return to Westeros to see the epic conclusion of one of the greatest fantasy television shows of the modern era. The final season of Game of Thrones is set to premiere on HBO in the first half of 2019, and we cannot wait to see how this story ends.

Feature Image: HBO

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