Disappointed by GAME OF THRONES? So Are Some of The Cast…

Game of Thrones has split fans down the middle with its eighth season. Shocking choices, confusing decisions, and lackluster deaths have left some viewers resoundingly disappointed. If you’re one of those less than happy with the wild events of the penultimate episode then you’ll probably enjoy the knowledge that you’re not alone. Some of the people most distressed by the events of the final season are the cast of Game of Thrones themselves.

This three-minute video collects multiple clips of the cast appearing less than happy with the uneven final entry. including the now viral moment that Emilia Clarke, Jacob Anderson, and Nathalie Emmanuel tried to stay positive about their final scenes in the show during a chat with ET.

Another striking moment is Kit Harington calling the finale “Disappointing” and Joe Dempsie complaining–completely correctly–about the lack of character development for his lovely blacksmith, Gendry. There’s plenty of side eye, shade, and smirks as the cast try to keep their contractually obligated cheeriness about the route that their characters have taken during the unexpected and twist-filled final couple of seasons.

It’s equally satisfying and saddening about seeing the people who have dedicated so much of the last decade to bringing these characters to life, also have a problem with the direction that they’ve taken. There’s even an audio clip of George R.R. Martin talking about his unhappiness with some of the twists that were seemingly inserted at the last minute. Basically, at this point, it feels like only Benioff and Weiss are completely happy with the choices they’ve made for Westeros and the people who live in the Seven Kingdoms.

This video doesn’t exactly imbue us with hope for the final episode of the fantasy epic, but it does make us feel far less alone. Oh dear. What’s gonna happen?

Images: HBO

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