Why Arya’s New Weapon is Perfect for Her

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season premiere, “Winterfell.”

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“Here’s my wish. Can you make it?”

Despite owning both a Valyrian steel dagger and one of our favorite swords in the Seven Kingdoms, Arya asked her friend Gendry to smith her an all new weapon in Game of Thronesseason eight premiere. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen on Game of Thrones. Based on its design and Arya’s skills as a fighter, it’s the ideal weapon to battle White Walkers.

Gendry is working in Winterfell’s forge to make as many weapons as he can out of the dragonglass from Dragonstone. Gendry handed a massive ax made of obsidian to the Hound just before Arya arrived. He said that particular weapon wasn’t easy to smith.
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While in our world forging a weapon that large, or even a small knife, out of obsidian wouldn’t be very wise, it appears the dragonglass of Game of Thrones is much stronger and more malleable to being forged into sturdy tools. If Gendry can make the Hound an ax worthy of battle, he can likely make just about anything out of drgaonglass. This includes Arya’s detachable spear.

Here are the simple schematics Arya gave Gendry.

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Let’s spin that around.

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The label on the left side of the blade says “dragonglass”. It’s obvious why Arya would want such a tip since it’s a known White Walker killer. It should be a breeze for Gendry to smith. The far more intriguing aspect of this design is how it separates at the center. Its wielder can easily pull it apart to have two smaller weapons.

The other end, while less distinct, also looks like it might have a pointed tip of some kind. Could it be where Arya will place her Valyrian steel dagger, the only other material that can kill a White Walker? It’s a possibility, but it’s unclear what that serpentine design means. Is it leather used to tie her dagger into place? A special handle? For that we’ll have to wait to find out.

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One thing we already know though is why Arya would want the ability to fight with either a spear or two smaller weapons.

Arya wouldn’t be as effective with a heavy weapon. She she told Jon as much at the weirwood. She’s a water dancer who uses speed and agility over brute strength. She’s clearly extremely deadly with Needle. It’s a light sword suited to her size, but it’s not Valyrian steel, and can’t kill White Walkers. Fortunately she can also fight with a much longer weapon.

At the House of Black and White Arya trained with the Waif and fought on the streets of Braavos with a long wooden spear.

We saw Arya’s skill in fighting with a smaller weapon in either hand during season seven. During her fantastic sparring session with Brienne in the Winterfell courtyard, Arya used her Valyrian steel dagger with her left hand. The weapon she’s asked Gendry to make her will allow Arya to stab a White Walker without getting too close, while also giving her the flexibility to adjust her attack if her enemy gets near her. With so many people at Winterfell waiting for the White Walkers, and with so many soldiers in the army of the dead, things could get cramped very quickly.

And oh yeah, if she’s being chased through Winterfell, like we saw her doing in the season eight trailer, it will be a lot easier for her to flee if she only has to carry a small handheld dagger instead of a long spear.

Like we said, it’s an ideal weapon for her, whether she’s fighting or fleeing White Walkers.

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