Game Masters Tip With Matt Mercer – Writing a One-Shot

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Matt Mercer is back for another round of Game Master Tips! One-Shots give you a taste of an RPG without having to spend months to get through a story. It’s a great way to dive into a new game or simply give players a chance to play the game master for once.

Before you dive in to a night of action and drama, check out some of Matt’s tips to make sure your one night is a great one. Make sure that you design to the players characters or simply create characters that will fit into the adventure. When designing the story, come up with a good plot hook that keeps the team moving forward without them wandering around too much. Give the players a villain to take on, NPCs to help them along their way, and remember that you need to do this all in just one night. Watch the video to find out more tips from Matt about having an amazing one-shot experience.

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