Game Boy Coronavirus Quarantine Game is Retro Fun

One of things that the shelter-at-home quarantine lifestyle has done is that it’s made us all very nostalgic. People have been revisiting old movies, TV shows, books, and video games like crazy. And none elicit that warm fuzzies for ’90s kids quite like the Game Boy. As a way of raising funds during this pandemic, and just beating back boredom, Nerdist alum Derrick Rossignol has created an actual playable Game Boy game based around our current coronavirus quarantine. The game is aptly titled COVID-19: Coronavirus Quarantine, and you can get it now by clicking here.

About his creation, Rossignol says “the game is silly, but I hope it gets an important message across: Staying home can get boring, but it’s also important”. He added “I’ve always wanted to make my own video game, and what’s happening in the world now gave me the idea for my first one. Over the course of a few days in mid-April, I made COVID-19: Coronavirus Quarantine, an actual Game Boy game based on the new stay-at-home lifestyle this pandemic has made necessary. This game is a ROM file, so it is playable on actual Game Boy hardware or on an emulator.”

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Game Game

Although funds are pretty low for everyone right now, luckily this game will only cost you one measly buck. According to Rossignol, “the best part is that I am selling the game for charity, for just one dollar. The charity is currently undecided, but I will take viewer suggestions and my own research into consideration, ultimately donating all proceeds to a worthwhile cause that is doing good work during these unprecedented times.”

This looks to be a pretty fun way to pass the time during lockdown, and give folks all the nostalgic feels they could want right about now. For more info, be sure to head on over to the  YouTube channel Game Game.

Featured Image: Derrick Rossignol

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