‘G.I. Joe Exotic’ Stops Cobra in ROBOT CHICKEN Short

It’s been an up-and-down pandemic for Joe Exotic. He became a household name when Tiger King, the Netflix true crime documentary series about him, became a sensation at the start of quarantine. Now multiple projects starring some pretty big names are set to bring his story to an even larger audience. Unfortunately for him, he really put all his eggs in a presidential pardon that (thankfully) never came through. Like we said, it’s been a mixed bag for him the last 17 months. But if he gets basic cable in his prison cell, he’s probably feeling pretty good about a recent Robot Chicken segment. Because “G.I. Joe Exotic” and his dulcet tones are here to save the day from Cobra Commander and his tigers.

And Carole Baskin definitely is not.

No hyperbole, this short is the most flattering portrayal Joe Exotic might ever get from the world of pop culture. It can’t really get any better. G.I. Joe Exotic’s expertise here is absolute. Sure, he’s a little slow to act and some limbs (and worse) suffer because of it. But ultimately he saves the day and his fellow soldiers. He also puts Cobra on its heels and frees exploited animals from captivity. And damn if he doesn’t sound good strumming his guitar and singing his little song. This is the person the Tiger King thinks he is.

Most importantly for him (we imagine) is that his own sworn archenemy is working with the evil side of G.I. Joe Team’s eternal struggle. Carole Baskin is the one who sold Cobra those mind-control tigers who can be whipped into a frenzy and unleashed on the world.

A G.I. Joe figure talking to Joe Exotic on Robot Chicken Adult Swim

That last joke about Carole Baskin’s husband isn’t exactly our favorite. Feels a little tasteless. (No pun intended.) But we know one person who certainly loved it.

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