This Motorcycle with an Airplane Engine Looks Like a TRON Bike

The iconic and bright bikes in Tron are a real pleasure to look at, but they couldn’t exist in real life, right?

That’s not necessarily true, because Former F1 racer and designer Taso Marques has created a bike that sure does look like it was ripped out of a sci-fi movie. The TMC Dumont was made in Brazil and has some notable features, like an airplane engine and wheels that look like just giant silver rings (via Laughing Squid).

It has a sharp body design, with the engine right in the middle, a lot of slick angles, and giant “hubless” wheels. Technically, it’s not hubless, but its hubs have a giant diameter, giving the wheel a hollow center and a hubless look, as one commenter noted.

The bike is pretty surreal looking, although it might not be the best thing for practical everyday use. Another YouTube commenter who claims to be an aircraft mechanic notes there are some significant functional differences between plane engines and a traditional motorcycle or car engine: “I hate seeing aircraft engines used for anything but flight. […] Aircraft engines would not be suitable for road going vehicles. They get an RPM and stay there. Road vehicles must vary RPM to conditions.”

Marques also shared a video of the bike being built in a start-to-finish time lapse video:

What do you think of the bike? Have you seen any other fascinating motorcycle builds that wowed you? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: Tarso Marques

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