It was with a heavy heart, and also probably some other heavy organs, that Futurama fans recently learned that Netflix will be dropping more than half the series (up until season six), from its stable of shows in July of this year. But fret not, Futuromies, for we now have some good news! Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, a new mobile game based on what is indisputably the best animated sci-fi show in history, will be released on June 29, and will feature, according to David X. Cohen, entirely new episodes in some fashion.

In the clip above, the heads of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and George Takei all help to introduce the new game, because the former two are the spokesmen for “anything with even the remotest connection to science,” and the latter is apparently from some other sci-fi show you may have heard of, and was also featured on Futurama five times. Also, the Politely-Declined-to-Be-Sir Stephen Hawking is featured, because he’s a genius and is allowed to go anywhere anytime and shoot anything he pleases with his laser eyes.

Although there was already a mobile Futurama game launched back in 2015 titled Game of Drones, this new game seems like it’s going to kick that one down a manhole into the sewers of New New York where it can fester and rot forever—or maybe it’ll just be moved to your third page of apps, which would be worse.

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Worlds of Tomorrow, unlike the puzzle-centered Game of Drones, will, according to iDownloadBlog, feature character progression that takes place in New New York, as well as “Space Adventures,” that will allow players to explore the universe and blast it out in space battles (a very small taste of that is provided at 1:14 in the clip). Oh, and David X. Cohen  told USA Today in an interview that “we’re gonna sneak some more Futurama episodes in there on whatever device people are gonna be using.” And when Cohen says we, he’s talking about the show’s original writing staff!

The makers of the game, TinyCo and FoxNext Games, say that Tyson, Nye, Hawking, and Takei will all be playable characters, and that more details for the game, as well as original animations, will be released over the coming weeks. Which means we only need about 19 more clips like the one above, and the one below released in May, in order to cook up a full episode. But we think we can make that happen with a little confidence…

What do you think about Worlds of Tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts below OR BE DESTROYED!

Images: YouTube / TinyCoGames, 20th Century Fox 

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