Funko Brings Back Classic 90s Nick Toons With All New Pops!

Some companies just get us, you know? Like Nickelodeon, who over the last couple of years realized that those of us who grew up on their classic 90s TV shows now have disposable income and a longing to hold on to those memories. And Funko, who satiates our endless need for adorable toy figurines we can adorn our desks and homes with. So we have a feeling you can guess our reaction to the news that the two are joining forces.Exactly: “Aaahh!!!”Today the Funko Blog brought news from across the Atlantic at the London Toy Fair that they will be releasing a new line of Pop! Animation figures featuring beloved 90s cartoon characters from Nickelodeon, letting us indulge in a little nostalgia with new figures based on some old favorites.For now there are only renderings of what the Pops! will look like, but needless to say they look great. The seven figure series will include CatDog (which means you have a perfect excuse to watch this Because Science again).It will also have three characters from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Krumm, Oblina, and Ickis. As well as three figures from Rugrats: Tommy Pickles (though we imagine the eyes of the actual toy won’t be so dead and shark-like), Chuckie Finster, and (yes!) Reptar.You can see the photos for the rest of the collection in our gallery below.The only downside is that the release date for now is listed as “coming in 2017,” which wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t only January, meaning we could be waiting longer than we want (which to be fair is “any amount of time”).To that delay we still only have one reaction: “Aaahh!!!” Which other 90s Nick toons would you like to see in a future Funko Pop! line? Draw up your best suggestions in our comments below.

Images: Funko

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