Warner Bros. Teaming With Funko for a Pop Animated Movie

UPDATE, 9/16/19: Deadline reports Warner Bros. has officially optioned a movie that will see Funko and Warner Bros. Animation team up for a story based on Funko’s Pop collectible figures. The film was first rumored in January of this year, but it might not be quite the franchise spanning story originally imagined. While dreams of having DC heroes team up with Marvel’s mightiest, while Harry Potter wizards faced off against Star Wars’ Sith Lords, were rumored before, this newest report makes no mention of Deadpool or Darth Vader.

It always seemed unlikely Disney would sign off on letting someone else bring their most successful properties to the big screen, but there’s still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the possibilities for the Funkoverse. Warner Bros. still owns the rights to tons of other franchises, so a large The Lego Movie-like mashup of popular characters still seems like a certainty.

It often feels like Disney owns every pop culture property, but as every comic book fan who has dreamed of seeing Marvel and DC heroes team up on the big screen knows, even the Mouse House can’t make certain things happen. One powerhouse does have access to just about any character it wants, though – Funko. The makers of the popular Pop! figures have released them for just about every movie, TV show, video game, and everything else you can think of. And now they’re planning to bring them all to theaters in a massive crossover film that won’t just see Marvel and DC superheroes working together, it will bring along characters from Star Wars, Care Bears, and a whole lot more.

Writer Daniel Richtman reports Warner Bros. Animation is currently developing a combination live-action/cartoon Funko film in hopes of capturing the same success they had with The LEGO Movie, which also brought together numerous characters from a wide-range of properties. It sounds like the Funko movie could go even bigger though, including Darth Vader, Deadpool, Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, the Care Bears, and My Little Pony. Yeah. As crazy and impossible as this all sounds, SlashFilm has confirmed the movie is really happening, which means Deadpool could fight Darth Vader while Wonder Woman works with Harley Quinn who is riding a My Little Pony.

While nothing is known about a possible plot, a photo shared by Richtman indicates production could begin this year. No matter when it happens or what the story is like though, we’re pretty sure of one thing – Funko will release some new figures when it comes out.

Featured Image: Funko

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