Build an Aeronautical Empire in Funko Games’ PAN AM

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The skies are the next empire for you to conquer in Pan Am from Funko Games and Prospero Hall! This worker placement strategy game spans four decades of aviation history, including the airlines’ glamorous heyday to notable events that would change the industry completely. Put your tray in the upright position and get ready for game night to take off with Pan Am.

This family-friendly tabletop game is for 2-4 players ages 12 and up. Each player takes the role of an owner of a competing airline in the glory days of aviation. You’ll be going up against each other and the most famous airline of them all, Pan Am, as you play to build the best business in the clouds.


If you love looking at old photos of the days when people dressed up for airplane travel, you’ll love the look of Pan Am and its components. The game’s sleek and retro style is so nostalgic you can practically smell the upholstery. You’ll also find over 50 detailed, plastic plane miniatures in the box that are almost irresistible to play with as toys themselves. More minis, colorful cards, tokens, and a unique game board also make up the high-quality components.

Please direct your attention to the front of the plane where Becca Scott has a pre-flight speech to tell you more about board setup and gameplay. That’s right, it’s time for How to Play!

The fast-paced gameplay takes place over seven rounds. During the course of the game, players will purchase landing rights at desirable locations and more to make their profits soar. Random events might even change someone’s fortune and make the game different every time you play. Eventually, players go up against aviation pioneer Pan Am itself and turn their biggest competitor into their biggest asset by purchasing stock.

At the end of the game, the savvy player with the most stock in Pan Am wins.

Pan Am is available at Target and your friendly local game store at a retail price of $34.99. Pick it up and buckle up for a fun game night!

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