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Get ready to take a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad like never before. You don’t have to wait in line to try out Funko Games’ new title. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game throws you into the wilderness. Players step off the stagecoach and into the cursed mining town of Tumbleweed. Your task: find fortune and fame—and stay alive. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad requires luck and making the right choices in order to strike it rich. Our very own Becca Scott shows you the ropes in our newest How to Play. Watch:

Do you even see this game board? It gives me all the feelings of being at a Disney Park, standing in the queue in Frontierland. I can almost smell the turkey legs! The sculpted middle of the game board depicts Big Thunder Mountain. It’s designed so you can roll marbles through the mountains and into the mine shafts. As you play, you’ll navigate mining carts through those mine shafts in the mountain and pick rocks or pan in the water for gold. You’ll earn points along the way, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

But remember, you’re out in the wild. Who knows when the elements will work against you? You’ll have to look out for landslides and stay safe from danger. But perhaps you’ll make some discoveries along the way that will make all that danger worth it.

The front of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad board game
Funko Games

Funko Games’ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is designed for two to four players, ages nine and up. The game has deck-building aspects, so it’s a terrific gateway game for learning that technique. Between supplies cards, fate cards, and town share cards, you’ll have plenty to juggle as you go prospecting in the west.

You can place a pre-order for Funko’s Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game now. It will ship soon.

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