Funko Unveils GAME OF THRONES and STRANGER THINGS Comic-Con Exclusives

It just wouldn’t be Comic-Con without a new round of exclusives from Funko. Earlier this month, Funko revealed its SDCC exclusive figures for Rick and Morty, as well as an even wider assortment of fan favorites, including Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, Hellboy, and even director James Wan. But now, the big guns are coming out to play, and Funko has dropped its latest Comic-Con exclusives for Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

Via the official Funko blog, Game of Thrones will have two exclusives in San Diego. The first will be a Pop figure for Diana Rigg’s Olenna Tyrell. The Queen of Thorns doesn’t go anywhere without her beverage of choice; she’s got a chalice of wine firmly in her grasp.

Rounding out the GoT contingent is a Dorbz Game of Thrones – Dragons 4-pack. But how can there be four when Rhaegal, Drogon, and Viserion are the last dragons? That’s easy: Viserion is represented twice, first in his unaltered form and then as his “icy” variant.

For Stranger Things, the Dustin at Snow Ball Dance Pop figure gives its titular character his “Steve” styled hair, with just the right amount of Farrah Fawcett spray to give it shape.

Speaking of Steve, he’s getting a Dorbz figure that features him wearing goggles and a bandana. 

The final exclusive recreates one of the most bizarrely hilarious scenes from Stranger Things 2: Billy’s semi-seduction of Karen Wheeler. Yes, this exists now.

Funko is expected to announce more SDCC exclusives before the convention begins on July 19.

What do you think about Funko’s latest Game of Thrones and Stranger Things exclusives? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Funko

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