Functional LEGO SUPER MARIO Piranha Plant Is Snappiness Squared

JK Brickworks, the mind-blowingly creative LEGO builder behind creations like this “Tales from the LEGO Crypt” pop-up book and this LEGO egg-decorating robot, has just turned his skilled hands and keen eye for design toward perhaps one of the most iconic baddies in video game history: the Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros.

The Piranha Plant, which is technically a tall “ triffid-like” plant that looks a lot like a video game version of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, has plagued players’ attempts at successfully jumping onto pipes since the dawn of Nintendo. And in their latest iteration, in Super Mario Runthe mobile game that was downloaded five million times in its first day–the Piranha Plants are just as annoying as ever.

The LEGO build of the Piranha Plant, on the other hand, is simply awesome. It seems that all of JK Brickworks’ work involves relatively complex mechanical components, and the Piranha Plant is no exception.

Using a piston system that turns the rotational motion of a crank into an up-and-down motion, JK has built a mechanism that both extends and retracts as well as closes and opens up. It should be noted that—gasp!—the build does include a non-standard connection: But when a build is this pretty, nothing about it is standard anyway.

What do you think about this little LEGO Piranha Plant contraption? Do you love the brickwork on the base of that pipe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: JK Brickworks

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