Fudge Brownie M&Ms Are Coming!

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
-Sir Isaac Newton

M&Ms are a perfect candy. They taste great and can easily be shared. You can eat them by the pound or just have a few. Just as important is how versatile they are. You can stick almost any kind of nut or other sweet treat inside a candy-coated ball of chocolate and it will taste amazing. Over this past decade, Mars Wrigley Confectionery has pushed that concept further and further, going well beyond the iconic Peanut M&M model. M&Ms come filled with things like pretzels, caramel, hazelnut spread, and peanut butter. But now they truly might have outdone themselves, with an idea so perfect we’re already taking out our pants in preparation for how many we will consume. Soon they will introduce to the world Fudge Brownie M&Ms. Just saying that makes us feel warm and gooey on the inside.

The official M&Ms Instagram account confirmed this new style (we first heard about at PopSugar) will be available sometime in the fall of 2019, after they were reported on by the food blog Junk Food Leaks, which got a hold of a bag. They closest in size to a Peanut M&M, though rounder. As for how they taste, Junk Food Leaks says these are a “homerun” for people who love that brownie aftertaste. Hey! We resemble that remark!

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?B R O W N I E S? Coming soon is a new addition to the ever-growing m&m line, and boy does this one fit right in! For starters, these M&M’s are larger in size, and resemble that of a peanut m&m, just rounder. The immediate in-mouth taste is certainly a normal m&m, but allowing them to melt a bit and moving them around in your mouth is the key to the experience. These chocolate candies soften up quick, and the gooey texture of a warm brownie begins to take over your taste buds. For those who love the brownie aftertaste, this is a home run — and leaves you feeling as if you had just downed an entire brownie, sans all of the calories. ? Overall, I’m scoring this new chocolate treat an ?8.3/10.?I rank it high for a number of reasons. Both flavors are present and balanced; the initial m&m crunch/chocolate, and the brownie flavor that creeps up not too long afterwards. My only gripe is that for those who simply chew and swallow candy without letting things evolve in their mouths, they may miss some of the flavor that these things have to offer. Personally, I’d inform my audience to let these sit in your mouth for a moment or so, similar to how @halotopcreamery suggests on their lids to let the ice cream melt a bit before enjoying! Coming this fall or sooner! #junkfood #junkbanter #newsnackalert #omgeats #foodie #foodiefam #brownies #candy #candytopia #junkfoods

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Oh, okay, if we must savor them rather than eat them the way we normally consume M&Ms—like someone will steal them if we don’t eat them as fast as possible—then we must.

And as we do, we will remember the giants who came before us, the ones who gave us regular M&Ms. For without them we wouldn’t be able to fill them with fudge brownies.

Featured Image: Mars Wrigley

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