First Reactions to FROZEN 2 Offer Warm Praise for a Worthy Sequel

It might have been released six years ago but the first Frozen film never really went away. Parents everywhere have had to watch or listen to it roughly a gazillion times, as it became an instant staple for kids. Even those without youngsters have never been able to go long without hearing the film’s iconic main track “ Let it Go,” and Olaf’s smiling face can always be found on store shelves. The movie’s oversized position in the pop culture landscape is why its sequel arrives with equally oversized expectations. Is it even possible for it to live up to them? Can Frozen 2 match the beloved original in terms of both songs and story? According to initial reactions to the movie it does, with some even saying it did the seemingly impossible by being better.

The first reactions to the film started coming in after Frozen 2‘s world premiere, and the strongest say it’s an even better movie than the 2013 film.

While some didn’t say it’s superior to the original, they still had high praise for it.

Not everyone was totally smitten with the movie however, but even the worst reactions weren’t especially harsh, with many praising some aspect of the film.

Of course if the first movie is any indication, we won’t really know what we think of Frozen 2 until we see it a few thousand more times.

Featured Image: Disney

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