Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Introduce FROOT LOOPS Mini-Donuts for Your Tongue

Follow your nose…it always nose…the fragrance of Carl’s…wherever it goes! Wait, Carl’s? Yes, Carl’s Jr, and its Southern sibling Hardee’s are about to get super, super cereal about dessert, in a manner that Toucan Sam would approve. Via Foodbeast, we’ve learned that starting today, Froot Loops Mini-Donuts are going to be a thing that exists on their menus. And unlike at places like Voodoo Donut, where a menu item like that would probably be a donut coated in crushed cereal, these are frosted donuts that will be flavored like Froot Loops. If you’re asking if each color tastes like a different “Froot,” the answer is no; every color of Froot Loops is the same flavor, as Kellogg’s once revealed when pushed on the matter. Not that we’re complaining; Froot Loops are delicious. And different colors are fun. You can buy them in sets of five, with each one a separate bright shade that may or may not tint your tongue.

Along with 7-11’s recent Crunch Berries Slurpee, which weirdly does taste like cereal juice, this seems to us a mini-trend of stuff that isn’t cereal tasting like cereal. You have to wonder what’s next. Cereal flavored burger buns? (We’re in.) Cereal spiced lattes? (Ditto.) Cereal flavored breakfast sausage? (Drawing a hypothetical line right there.) But somebody try it with Apple Jacks next.

Are you down for some cereal donuts, or do breakfast and dessert not live together in your dojo? Leave us your tasty ruminations in comments down below.

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