Four Creepy Classics They Haven’t Remade (YET)

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Remaking a classic film is dicey at best. If not well executed, you risk losing fans by diminishing a beloved story or damaging a franchise irrevocably. Sometimes a studio HAS to create some sort of output to retain rights (look at the poor, defenseless Fantastic Four movies), and sometimes, it’s a case of “it seemed like a good idea at time.” The horror genre is, perhaps, the most frequent victim of the dreaded remake. Now, there are a lot of classic films whose effects or story didn’t exactly stand the test of time, and have benefited from a fresh set of eyes. That said, the list of well-intended reboots would take up a lot of time and space, so let us instead focus on some positive spookiness!

Since Halloween is nigh upon us, Geek & Sundry is taking a look at four creepy classics that have yet to be remade, and are adding some good, ol’ speculation as to what a remake COULD look like.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon

As unlikely as it seems, this iconic Universal creature has yet to get an update. As a classic with ground breaking underwater effects, numerous rumors have been floated for decades about a remake with a laundry list of talented directors and actors attached. For the moment, this one’s safe.

If it DID get a remake…

Set the whole thing underwater; make it about a group of scientists researching a portion of the ocean that is so deep and dark they have taken to calling it “The Black Lagoon.” Add a mysterious creature that flits in and out of the shadows to lend a cool Alien vibe.

Or, y’know: go the H.P. Lovecraft route. Make that sucker a worshipper of Dagon.

The Worst Witch

This HBO classic from the mid-80’s was a chunk of proto-Harry Potter goodness that is still a fan favorite to this day. It also helps that it stars a pre-The Craft Fairuza Balk, Diana Rigg, and Tim Curry at the height of his powers. Now, to be fair, they DID make a TV show in the late 90’s, but…

If it DID get a remake…

Let’s darken that up just a touch, shall we? Find a nice middle point between Potter and AHS: Coven, focusing strongly on what it means to come of age in the 21st century, especially as a young woman. Also, let’s throw Fairuza Balk in there as the head of the witch school to bring it full circle.


This entry from the Clive Barker catalog is a cult favorite, having carved out a niche with strong Urban Fantasy overtones and some solid gore. After having been restored with a great director’s cut by Shout! Factory a few years back, fans can now see this tale of what it means to be a monster (from the monster’s perspective) just as Barker intended. There was also a short-lived comic book adaptation by Marvel’s Epic imprint and another miniseries by BOOM! Studios in 2014-2015.

If it DID get a remake…

This is one that’s been in the rumor mills for a while as well, and with the upcoming reboot of the Hellraiser series, it seems likely that Nightbreed might come to us sooner rather than later. The easiest way to approach this would be to focus on a different group of protagonists in a new environment, with shiny, modern-day special FX and more room for character development. Just please, for the love of all that’s good, don’t dumb it down.

The Lost Boys

One of the 80’s-ist 80’s movies that ever was, The Lost Boys stands out as one of the quintessential vampire flicks. Joel Schumacher might not have done any favors for the Batman movies, but he nailed the punk rock/new wave undead tale alright. “Sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, and never die” indeed. And how could we forget the sexy sax man?

If it DID get a remake…

Well, now it gets tricky. There WERE two sequels, and an upcoming Vertigo Comic book (which looks hella cool if we’re being honest), but not a proper cinematic re-do. So how do we handle the 80’s vampire today? What if the undead are dying out? Flipping the script on the vampire mythos, but maintaining the air of cool intrinsic in the property could breathe interesting new life in to this widespread favorite.

This is just a thought experiment, of course. Like it or lump it, this particular piece of the movie industry certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but if fans continue to make their voices heard, our cherished spooky classics might just be better for the effort.

Did we miss any of your faves? Do you agree or disagree with any of the above? Then PLEASE let us know what you’d do with these classics in the comments below!

Photo Credits: DC/Vertigo Comics, Wikimedia Commons, The Atlantic Magazine/HBO, Amazon

Featured image: Warner Bros.

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