Twitter Reacts to FORTNITE’s Exploding Cube, Kevin

If you’re a Fortnite fan, you’re probably well aware by now that the game’s mysterious cube—known best to friends and enemies as “Kevin”—is no more. In case you happened to miss the event that saw Kevin’s explosive transformation, the video below captured the whole spectacle. Take a look:

Yes, Kevin was always a bit of an enigma, and oftentimes a frustrating one, but he will no doubt be missed. That said, if ever there was a way to go, it’s exploding into an all-encompassing white haze anchored by a giant mystical butterfly.

Unsurprisingly, the event—which took place on Sunday, November 4—shocked and wowed all who were there to witness. Many of the dutiful players who lived through this unknowable splendor hit Twitter with thoughts on the experience.Some paid loving tribute to Kevin, who first graced Fortnite in his cubital form, this past August.

Others reckoned with the fact that Kevin hasn’t always been the most beloved of elements in Fortnite…

This whole ordeal didn’t exactly make the cube any less mysterious. In fact, people are still trying to figure out its nature.

The hype surrounding the event made it tough for some players to log into the game…

In the end, things actually turned out quite pleasantly…

Although not everyone is convinced that Kevin is gone for good…

Were you on hand to witness Kevin’s disappearance? What do you think is coming next? Let us know!

Image: Epic Games

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