Here’s the Breakdown of FORTNITE’s Anniversary Event and Updates

We can’t deny that  Fortnite has taken over. Everyone is playing it! The game is even drawing in those who didn’t consider themselves gamers. And all this in mind, it’s hard to believe this, the biggest game in the world, only came out a year ago. In honor of the inaugural year of building, sniping, and knocking, Fortnite just released a new update that also includes a birthday event.

Here’s the Breakdown of FORTNITE’s Anniversary Event and Updates_1

Some update details of note:

-A new gun, the Compact SMG, has been added.
-Slurp Juice now gives 1 health every half second, up to 75. Once the player’s health is full, it adds to the shields.
-There’ll be pieces of birthday cake scattered around the map in Battle Royale mode.
-There’s a new Save the World campaign: Canny Valley.
-Bug fix! Bullets and projectile weapons are no longer blocked by invisible barriers.
-Playground mode for Battle Royale is coming back for a limited time.
-Walls now have a higher starting health.
-Safezone wait times have been increased.

For full details, check out the patch notes here.

Here’s the Breakdown of FORTNITE’s Anniversary Event and Updates_2

But we know what you’re really here for: all of the birthday loot, including a new emote, skin, spray, and Backbling. If you complete the new Save the World quest line, you can unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez skin. There is also cake scattered around the world in both Save the World and Battle Royale mode, which is a consumable that gives the player +5 health and +5 shield. Finally, if you complete three birthday challenges, you can unlock the emote, spray, and Backbling, respectively. And of course, to keep the party going, the Battlebus and Supply Drops have all been decorated to celebrate!

Are you excited for the new event? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Epic Games

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