See STAR WARS REBELS’ Hera Syndulla on Hoth

Did you know you needed to see Leia Organa learning to ride a tauntaun with Hera Syndulla and Han Solo at her side? That’s the kind of magic that happens when Forces of Destiny makes the leap from the screen to the sequential page in IDW Publishing‘s Star Wars Adventures. Princess Leia on Hoth is at the heart of the first Forces of Destiny comic. Written by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet with art by Charretier, the story follows Leia as she wrangles with a stubborn tauntaun–and we have an exclusive preview.

Like the Forces of Destiny animated shorts, the comics will focus on the heroic moments that happen in between  Star Wars films and TV series scenes. They put emphasis on both the big and small choices and how they shape the galaxy. This weekly series kicks off with Leia, and will also feature Rey, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, and Rose and Paige Tico. Each issue will have with a variant cover by Charretier and animation cell variants.

Scroll below to read the first seven pages of the issue. And if you’re longing to see what happens next, don’t stress because Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny—Princess Leia will be on shelves at your local comic book shop on January 3.

Does it make you happy to see Leia and Hera riding tauntauns? Are you looking forward to picking this issue up? Sound off in the comments.

Images: IDW Publishing

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

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