Fog of Love is a Romantic Comedy Board Game for Couples and BFFs

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Calling all hopeless romantics!  Fog of Love by Hush Hush Projects is a new Kickstarter-funded, story-driven board game where two players are assigned unique character profiles (i.e. intense, pretentious and impulsive career criminal vs. down-to-earth, nurturing, flirtatious fashion model) and must create a love story together. Each player will have to make choices and thoughtful compromises that alter the narrative, allowing them to experience the ups (like first kisses and dates) and downs (like couples therapy) of a relationship. In the end, the fictional courtship will either survive or end in a break up.

This game is structured into three Chapters and a Finale, with each Chapter introducing different story cards that present critical choices to be made or challenges to overcome. Sweet cards tend to be fun and character revealing, Serious cards throw a big impact with consequences into the mix, and Drama cards have the potential to radically change the game for better or worse. Each Story Ending card determines not only how the story will end, but what your character’s role in the relationship is.

For me this game is appealing because – as the title suggests – love can be a real mystery, especially at the beginning when you’re getting to know someone. The Kickstarter campaign emphasizes that a key part of Fog of Love is that you get acquainted with your gameplay partner through the choices they make, and noticing how they cope with those story cards which present sudden pitfalls or unwanted revelations.

Unsurprisingly, the project is entirely funded, and the game will be available in time for Valentines Day 2017. There are currently very cool Stretch Goals with new story cards and free print n’play versions for all backers – so be sure to check out the campaign and consider getting involved.

What romantic board games do you play with your friends or significant other? Sound off in the comments below.

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