Flushing 240 Pounds of Mercury Is Totally Heavy Metal

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the T-1000 from Terminator 2 attacked you and you tried to flush it down the toilet? Of course you haven’t, but why not find out what would occur in that situation anyway? Or at least find out what happens when you flush a whopping 240 pounds of mercury down a toilet—which is not connected to any public waste disposal system.

Cody, of the YouTube channel Cody’s Lab, decided to take on the task of flushing an extraordinary amount of mercury down a toilet to see how the heavy metal would hold up against the pressure of the flushing water. And it turns out that when it comes to mercury, less is… less. In other words, you can flush a little, but clog a porcelain throne up with a Chipotle burrito-sized mercury log and that quicksilver will be draining out really really slowly. A lead bullet floats on the denser mercury.

As Cody points out, the reason this occurs is because Mercury is 13 times heavier than water. This means that if “you put multiple pounds of mercury in a toilet, it won’t flush it through.” It will, however, look like Robert Patrick is reforming in your toilet and attempting to make all of your worst potty training nightmares come true.

After attempting to flush multiple pounds of mercury, Cody then loads up the tank with mercury, and then proceeds to lift the flapper by hand—please don’t try that at home even though the metallic mercury Cody is using doesn’t absorb through skin—effectively making a mercury toilet that can flush gold and lead bullets. This is, of course, perfect for anybody who’s just robbed a bank and wants to hide their booty as well as commit some environmental crimes while they’re at it. (Although again, Cody is in the clear here as his toilet is not connected to any waste system.)

What do you think about this epic mercury toilet? Flush your thoughts into the comments system below!

Images: Cody’sLab

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