Learn How to Make Fluorescent Mini-Lightsabers

Lightsabers need kyber crystals, which, unfortunately, do not exist in our galaxy. That’s never stopped people from trying to make a “real” version of that elegant weapon. But while actual lightsaber technology remains elusive, a new video from Tested shows how you can give your Star Wars figures authentic looking versions of those iconic items. You can modify mini fluorescent tubes to make your collectibles glow like they’re ready to fight a tiny Sith.

In the latest video from Tested (which we first heard about at io9), Norm Chan takes viewers through the process of creating glowing lightsabers for your 1/6th scale toys. The custom light-up laser swords use regular, off the shelf CCFL fluorescent tubes. They are sometimes used to give computer cases or the inside of cars a little pizazz. Here they transform great looking Star Wars figures into something far more dynamic. They offer up the kind of active light that makes them feel alive.

Of course, the actual process is a little bit more involved than just sliding one into your toy’s lightsaber hilt. It requires a deft hand that can avoid breaking the tubes, which are dangerous thanks to the mercury inside of them. You will also need a soldering iron, dremel drill press, and the ability to carefully handle and reattach wires. Handling a lightsaber might be an art form, but making one of these requires an engineer’s skill and knowledge.

Make Fluorescent Tube Lightsabers for Your STAR WARS Figures_1Tested

The end result though is beautiful. And if you can find a way to hide the wires that power up the tubes, you can create an incredible display. These throw off enough light they serve as their own light-up display. (Assuming you can handle the emotional toll of drilling through a piece of your collectible. If you can’t, we get it.)

The best part of these, though? No kyber crystal needed.

Featured Image: Tested

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