Paris’ Floating Theater is a Drive-In for Boats

We don’t know when movie theaters will be able to safely reopen in America. Or how long they will remain open when they do. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for people to watch summer blockbusters together. Makeshift drive-ins are popping up everywhere. And audiences are enjoying old favorites from their cars. But Paris has figured out an even better way to provide a memorable theatrical experience while still practicing social distancing. It will host a floating movie theater where everyone sits in boats.

Social Distancing Floating Movie Theater Coming to Paris_1Le cinema sur l’eau

Each year Paris Plages turns the city’s shores into makeshift beaches. Now, part of this year’s event will include its first ever floating movie theater (which we first heard about at Insider). Le cinema sur l’eau (“cinema on the water”) will project the 2018 film Le Grand Bain (Sink or Swim) from a boat on the Bassin de la Villette onto a 16x9m screen. And 150 lucky winners will get to watch the movie from one of 38 electric boats that will be provided for the screening.

Each of the boats fits four to six people. They will all follow safety guidelines for social distancing. No one will be sitting with strangers, just family and friends. Another 150 deckchairs will also be set up in the Paris Plages area to view the film from the Quai de Seine.

The movie is also an apt choice for the water event. Le Grand Bain is about “a depressed man joins a synchronized swimming team made up of middle aged men.”

To have a chance at attending the screening Parisians can enter a raffle for free tickets until July 15. The event will then take place on Saturday July 18, from 6.30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The screening, which has a chance to be a truly beautiful experience, is being hosted in conjunction with Häagen-Dazs, the City of Paris, and mk2, is part of the celebration of movie theaters reopening in France. But this is obviously way cooler than sitting in a typical dark theater. And it’s something American cities should do too.

Even when our theaters get back to business.

Featured Image: Le cinema sur l’eau

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