Five Cheap Options for Carrying Your Games

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With April 29th creeping closer, excitement for International Table Day continues to build. We’ve talked about ways to support your local game store, games to play with your kids, and gave you ideas for decor and food at your ITTD event, but as many gamers will attest, the issue of transportation is just as important of a topic as any.

Imagine, if you will, that the month of April does indeed bring a heavy shower, or that you decide to take public transit to get to your Tabletop Day location of choice. Board game safety is key to a happy and healthy tabletop event, and we’ve scoured the internet for reviews on some of the best option for carrying your games.

The Photo Storage Box

Similar to one of the devices featured in Late to the Table’s latest video, this organization carrier is commonly used for photos, keepsakes, and crafting supplies, but the inner containers inside of the carrier are the perfect fit for small to medium size games. It’s basically a game library in a box that you can transport from location to location. Impressive, and it’s only $27.95.

The Bag of Holding

ThinkGeek’s Bag of Holding was recently given an upgrade, including an increase in depth, making it far more capable of, well, holding. The main compartment is great for all of your smaller games, or a larger game, and you can carry your smaller games in the many other pockets in this bag. Slightly pricier at $50, but luckily ThinkGeek throws surprise sales often, and generously.

The Classic Cargo Bag

You can’t really go wrong with the classic cargo bag, and this particular style comes in TARDIS blue for a reason. It’s bigger on the inside, The Doctor approved, prices at only $20.99, and comfortable to haul off on your next adventure.

ChromaCast Cajon Bag

Late to the Table also showed off this ChromaCast drum bag in their video, and after a little research it’s safe to say that this bag is already a hit with gamers. With just enough padding to keep boxes safe, a happy little price tag of $19.95, and enough space for around seven standard sized games, ChromaCast seems to have come up with something nearly perfect for carrying multiple games, and possibly a cajon, too.

Gamefolio Case

For those who plan to travel with a game or two containing lots of small pieces, InIt has created a great case that fits the board itself, alongside all those tedious pieces and cards. Their Gamefolio case runs for $25 each, a heftier price if you’re looking to purchase more than two, but a smart find to keep your games together and safe.

Bonus: Ikea Bags

The cheapest, practically free bonus option would be to simply make a trip to Ikea and take home one or more of their trademark blue bags. Sturdy, durable, and water proof, sometimes the the cheaper road is indeed the best road to take. They even sell their bags of all sizes online, including these large, zippered ones for extra protection.

What do you use to transport your games from one place to another? Do you already swear by one of the options we listed above? Let’s talk in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: COD Newsroom, Flickr

Image Credits: Amazon, ThinkGeek, Youtube, InIt

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