MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT Trailer Reveals Henry Cavill’s Infamous Mustache

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got a glimpse at the mustache that sunk the Justice League! During the Super Bowl we saw the luxurious facial hair that cost Warner Brothers millions of dollars when Paramount teased Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Though the televised slot was a short one, luckily for all you fans of Tom Cruise constantly putting his life at risk for the sake of entertainment, the full trailer has been released on YouTube.

The sixth installment of the long running franchise looks just as action-packed as ever. Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, the long suffering spy at the center of multiple international espionage scandals. And it gave us our first proper look at Henry Cavill’s character, who’s not only sporting that infamous mustache but also appears to be a badass martial artist and undoubtably a nefarious British villain. Returning cast members such as Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, and Simon Pegg also make an appearance, alongside new–and most exciting–cast member Angela FREAKING Bassett! Though details on the plot are still pretty thin, the trailer promises all of the car chases, explosions, and action that you’d expect from a Mission: Impossible movie.

And also, there’s this very meme-like image.

We’re very excited to see just what Ethan and co. will be up to, especially after how joy-filled, silly, and fun the last entry of the franchise was. Are you happy to see Tom Cruise jumping out of helicopters again? Going to cry over the mustachioed Superman that could have been? Or just excited for the inevitable memes? Jump from your plane into our comments and let us know!

Images: Paramount Pictures

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