There’s a GAME OF THRONES-Style Dragon Statue in Russia That Actually Breathes Fire

Anybody who caught the latest season of Game of Thrones vividly recalls the “Loot Train Attack,” at which point Daenerys and Drogon literally burned the joint down with an unholy display of fiery dragon breath. So what if you wanted to cross paths with the very same sort of giant dragon spitting massive amounts of roiling flame here in reality? You’d go to Russia, of course! And you’d visit the  Kudykin Mountain Safari Park, where you could stand eye-to-eye with a giant three-headed dragon statue that breathes fire. All we have to say is we will bend the knee right freaking now. 

Although the 50-foot-tall metal and concrete beast, which we found via Vice, looks like it belongs directly in the middle of Old Valyria, it’s actually a statue made in the likeness of Zmey Gorynych, a dragon-like creature with three heads from ancient Slavic folklore. Zmey was apparently the focus of his own set of tall tales, including a great battle with the mythical warrior, Dobrynya Nikitich. Although we bet Nikitich never charged Zmey with a spear on horseback like some kind of… not so intelligent, yet super brave person.

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According to Sputnik News, the statue has been under construction since 2015, but is now fully operational with all three heads ready to spit hot fire like they’re tryin’ to drop a mix tape! It’s not exactly clear what kind of system the park uses to make the dragons breathe fire, but it has to be some variation of pressurized fuel source, tube, and ignition device. (There’s a reason flamethrowers have been around since the 1st century AD, right?)

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When the dragons aren’t active, they’re simply a part of a large array of carnival festivities, which include a life-sized Trojan horse as well as some farm animals. Farm animals that should be extra grateful Zmey doesn’t have a Drogon-esque appetite.

What do you think about this three-headed fire-breathing dragon? Does this thing give Drogon and Co. a run for their money or is not even close? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: YouTube /  денис кондаков

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