Cards Against Humanity + Cyanide & Happiness = Joking Hazard

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The  Random Comic Generator by Cyanide & Happiness was conceived in 2014 and has been entertaining millions since its birth. As the name suggests, it’s a platform to make comic strips that feature simple cartoon figures and dry jokes about funerals, being possessed, and farting. Now the creative team are taking their hilarity one step further, by kickstarting a group storytelling card game called Joking HazardThis is a mildly offensive (but all in the name of fun) game where players compete to finish an awful, three-paneled comic strip with two characters and a winning punchline.

The strip could turn out to be really tragic or really funny. Depending on the dynamic of your friends, the tragic stories could turn out to be the funniest. A gameplay feature that’s similar to Cards Against Humanity is that you get to anonymously judge your friends, which never fails to send someone into a fit of hysterics. Be warned that some cards in Joking Hazard are worse than others, featuring things like murder and dismemberment – those are the red paneled cards, and they only fit in the third panel.

The Joking Hazard box includes 250 unique panel cards, which as they mention in the Kickstarter campaign, comes out to 15.4 million possible comic strip combinations. Another neat aspect is that, although the game obviously comes with official rules, the creators encourage players to come up with different ways to play.

I should mention that the creators initially only asked for $10,000 to fund Joking Hazard, and they’re currently 9768% funded. But even with nearly a million dollars in tow, their stretch goals don’t require a single dime to unlock. Backers will need to unlock achievements ranging from simply liking their Facebook page to creating 20 C&H-themed snowmen. Think of it as a clever way to helping you get more without spending more.

Would you and your friends play Joking Hazard? Sound off in the comments below. 

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