TOO MANY COOKS Creator Returns With Mindbending Twitch Streamer Parody

Back in 2014, Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks short brought viewers into a bizarre, seemingly never-ending series of opening credit sequences for the most over-populated sitcom ever conceived. Too Many Cooks was an instant cult classic, and now Casper Kelly and Nick Gibbons (they produced, wrote, and directed the feature) have delivered a worthy follow up project: Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough. Essentially, it’s a parody of every twitch video game live stream walkthrough you’ve ever seen, with some very sublime and surreal humor throughout. Fair warning, this video has several NSFW moments.

At 20 minutes, Final Deployment 4 is about twice the length of Too Many Cooks, and it jumps into several different genres over the course of the video. It starts with a video game streamer calling himself “Blair Trigger,” who posts a Final Deployment 4 walkthrough that goes from the glory of the final battle to a soldier’s depressing attempts to battle PTSD once he’s forced to return home from war. Imagine if the Gears of War games forced you to play through the peace years while Marcus Fenix slowly suffered a mental breakdown. The fake game pushes things even further by forcing players to experience life’s most soul crushing moments in real time.

Without giving too much away from the short’s narrative, Final Deployment 4 takes several twists and turns as it forces the viewer to question where the game begins and reality ends. Each major character is controlling someone else’s destiny, but none of them can escape their circular fate. It’s dark comedy at its finest, and another one of our new favorite shorts.

What did you think about Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Adult Swim

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