Final AQUAMAN Trailer Is Bursting With Oceanic Action

We’re so close to getting to get wet with James Wan’s Aquaman, and the latest trailer is chock full of brilliant new footage that gives us a glimpse into the technicolor fantasy world of Wan’s Atlantis, and boy does it look like a whole lot of fun!!

This new look gives us an insight into Arthur’s origins, from his unconventional parentage, swimming with dolphins as a kid, and his training with Willem Dafoe’s Atlantean mentor Vulko. In this trailer we get a real feeling for Momoa’s version of Aquaman and the epic hero’s journey that he’s going to undertake. It’s also filled with incredible visual effects and new creature moments that we’ve yet to see in any of the trailers, including a huge kaiju style monster, and what looks like an all out sea-life war featuring sharks, giant neon manta rays, and lots, lots more.

The trailer really showcases the vast and epic scope that Wan and co. have created, with a technicolor palette that gives us more than a few Thor: Ragnarok vibes. One of the most exciting moments for comic book fans, though, has got to be the first look at Arthur using his infamous powers, with rings pulsing through the water just like the classic Super Friends cartoon and old school comics, which means… maybe this Aquaman can talk to fish!

It also gives us our first look at pre-destruction/sinking Atlantis, which means we’ll probably get a brief history of the legendary city when the film hits on December 21st! Are you excited to visit the mythical underwater world? Just can’t wait to see Jason Momoa shirtless riding some form of sea creature? Swim into our comments and let us know below!

Images: DC Comics, Warner Bros.

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