FIFA 17 Glitches are Hilarious When Re-Enacted in Real Life

We’ve already determined that a tremendous amount of work goes into the FIFA soccer games each year, perhaps more than any other sports game due to the size of the rosters. We’ve also admitted that despite its greatness, FIFA 17 has some glitches that are pretty hilarious—fair, given the size of the game. Most of the glitches make it look like things are happening that would never go down in real life, but the latest video from F2 Freestylers shows that if they did, it’d be pretty funny.

The clip shows a bunch of FIFA glitches side-by-side with their re-enactment of them, and it has everything from the infamous dancing goalie shuffling sideways off the screen to headless guys to players reacting to innocuous player-to-player contact in various bizarre ways. Generally, FIFA does a fine, fine job at nailing the realism of a fast-paced, nuanced, and intense game, but when the seams do show, we’ll happily watch the unraveling.This video also reminds us of one from a couple years ago about some of the absurdities of the NBA 2K series, again as re-enacted in real life. These games strive for realism and usually pull it off, but when trying to re-create natural actions in an unnatural environment, there’s only so much you can do, and while it looks good most of the time, you get glitches that, while not game-breaking, are decidedly non-human.

That doesn’t mean we love these games less. In fact, it’s kind of endearing, and let’s us appreciate them from a new angle.

Featured Image: F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

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