This Fidget Spinner Anime Parody is Spot On and Hilarious

Although the dancing Snapchat hot dog is threatening to unseat fidget spinners as the current king of the internet, it’s still too early to say that the speedily rotating toy’s reign at the top is over yet. Kids and adults the world over are still going nuts over them, and while this parody from YouTube channel Corridor might be a bit over the top, their reinterpretation of fidget spinners as an overly intense anime still feels right on point.

The live-action clip has a pretty standard anime premise by design: An underdog needs to win a fidget spinner duel against an established and seemingly undefeatable frontrunner, so after some dramatic flashbacks to explain his journey, he surmounts his opposition and emerges on top. What really makes this video worth watching, though, is how its creators got the anime stylistic details so right, especially since the video itself isn’t animated.

You start to realize that these guys really know their anime when you see the first cheering crowd shot, which is just a still photo of a few audience members, panning slowly from left to right with some action lines thrown in. Our hero’s flashback scenes are similarly effective and spot on: In those, the lighting changes and the scene goes black and white as he begins to reminisce, before cutting to a slideshow of hazy photos with over-exposed backgrounds

The details are a real treat for regular anime viewers, so check out the video above and let us know in the comments if you’re as impressed with it as we are.

Featured image: Corridor/YouTube

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