The Internet’s Best, Weirdest FERAL HOG Memes

If you’ve been on social media at all in the past day or so, your timeline has probably been flooded with nothing but feral hogs: 30-50, to be specific. The latest meme, or another example of why our brains are broken, is a riff from a tweet from one Willie McNabb, in regards to gun control, who dared to ask:

From there, the internet went, well…hog wild. Here are some of our favorite feral hog memes.

Jumping off the popular WeRateDogs account came WeRateHogs:

Then, an homage to Lady Gaga’s A Star is Born press tour:

Riffs on The Sound of Music were shared:

We can’t resist any sort of twist of our favorite I Think You Should Leave sketch:

The natural progression of feral hog Twitter:

Many song parodies were penned, but none more perfect than this of Kelis’s iconic “Milkshake:”

There were some nerdier takes, like this one, invoking 2002’s Spider-Man:

And of course, Mad Men Twitter got involved:

Twitter couldn’t let a meme about hogs go by without using Peppa Pig:

And even Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill Books got in on the fun, offering a discount to these lucky members:

Don’t you hate when you’re in a movie theater and this happens?

And finally, some clarification on what group the feral hogs belong to:

Of course, there are many, many, many more posts about feral hogs around every corner of the internet. Which was your favorite? Did you make your own feral hogs meme? Let us know on Twitter!

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