Fear Agent RPG Brings Comic Book Sci-Fi To Tabletop

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Over ten years ago, writer Rick Remender teamed up with artist Tony Moore to create Fear Agent, a sci-fi comic book series about Heath Huston, one of the few humans left in the universe. And while the saga of Fear Agent has come to an end in the comic book realm, Heath’s story will continue to unfold in the Fear Agent RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment.

Pinnacle has launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the Fear Agent comic to RPG through the Savage Worlds system. You don’t need Savage Worlds to enjoy this game, but you do need to buy the Savage Worlds rules separately from the reward tiers of this project. Other than that, the Fear Agent game stands alone.

For some background on Fear Agent, it’s helpful to know that its origins begin in a world very much like our own…until Earth found itself in the middle of an intergalactic war between two different races. Having already lost his son and his father, Heath co-founded the Fear Agents to strike back at the aliens and made some horrific choices of his own. When the series begins, Heath is largely on his own in space as he takes on jobs from alien clients and comes close to drinking himself to death. Artist Jerome Opena later joined Remender and Moore on the creative team, and they finished the series through Dark Horse Comics.

The Fear Agent RPG will offer stats for Heath and the other main characters in the Savage Worlds system while also offering a guide to the aliens and planets from the comics, as well as the more complicated aspects of the story involving space travel, time travel, alternate dimensions, and other bizarre situations. The universe can be a scary place, so it’s time to deal out some fear!

Pinnacle’s Kickstarter campaign is nearing its end, but the Fear Agent RPG is expected to be printed in November. But if you opt for the digital version, you can get it next month.

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Image Credit: Rick Remender/Tony Moore

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