Favorite Pie Moments in Movies and TV

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Arguably, the only days on the collective Geekdom calendar that are more important than Pi Day are May The Fourth and the day that begins the Nerd-centric festival of San Diego Comic Con.  There are as many different ways to celebrate Pi Day as there are actual flavors of pie.  This year, Pi Day is special due to the fact that on 3.14 2015 at 9:26:53 the date and time will reflect Pi having been brought out to the tenth decimal and that’s pretty epic almost as epic as these scenes in movies and TV that celebrate pie itself.

Stand By Me

This coming of age tale written by Stephen King portrays a boy nicknamed “Lard Ass” destroying the competition at a pie-eating contest until all of the sudden he erupts onto the face of one of his competitors.  This sets off a chain reaction of “reversals” that Lard Ass gets to sit back and take in, much to his satisfaction. That was the story told around the campfire at least.

Blazing Saddles

There may be some debate about what the greatest comedy of all time is, but Blazing Saddles is always in the conversation. Part of the reason is the over-the-top pie fight.  It’s funny, it’s grandiose and you can tell just how much fun it was to shoot.  All that said, I’d hate to be on the commissary clean up crew.

Mrs. Doubtfire

If there is one image that can be taken away from this endearing comedy about a man that wants to be close to his kids, it’s Robin Williams partially dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire selling out for comedic genius by throwing a cream pie in his own face to salvage the illusion Mrs. Doubtfire is a real person.  The timing and execution of this scene can’t be underestimated.  It is sheer genius and at the center of it all the iconic Williams who plays it both heartwarming and funny at the same time.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

There are occasions where its not sufficient to merely talk about pies or act with pies, you are moved to sing about them. Sometimes it’s due to the fact that they are indeed horribly bad.  Such is the case in Sweeney Todd. This musical piece hits the spot when attempting to characterize just how absolutely awful Mrs. Lovett’s pies actually are.

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